Need to look at something cute for 2 minutes today? Rate a cat.

Need a place for your anger and you don't want to take it out on your loving family? Rate a cat.

Enjoy clicking for hours on end? Please, rate all the cats.

Quite simply Like My Cat? is a site where you get to click on pictures of cats and rate them as you see fit. It's not terribly complicated, certainly not insidious, and it's actually pretty fun.



While chatting about some of the dumbest app/website concepts we'd ever come across, the idea for what we just called "CatApp" was born. We got that far and stopped for about a year, and then decided to make it the subject of Dave's coding practice project.

I love dogs. I want to rate dogs. When can I rate dogs. ...dogs?

We will get to dogs and other animals soon, promise. The journey to pointless website production begins with a single, silent, furry step. For now, rate some cats.

I would like to report a bug/advertise on your site/tell you something important. Where can I do this?

We have a Contact page. Go on, establish contact.

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